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Fifty Algae Stories of Hope, Health and Freedom By Dr. Lisa C. Moore, D.C.

Dear GetWell StayWell Friends!

If I were to run off to a quiet place with my computer and my Blue Green DownLine case histories, I could prepare a much needed book such as this in 2 weeks only it would be a book wherein the case histories were from Hygienists, of course! This Dr. Moore has done an admirable job of documenting case histories of Very Happy Algae Eaters. The Health Seekers in this book are not Hygienists nonetheless, their "PEAK ALGAE EXPERIENCES" are noteworthy, remarkable, heart-warming, and definitely worth sharing! Following are the highlights...

Presented & Edited by Victoria BidWell & Written by an Upliner

From GetWell StayWell, America! An Independent Distributor #121593-121602

NOAH, age 13 BEFORE THE ALGAE: inattentive, unfocused, explosive in behavior, forgetful, unable to concentrate or learn readily, withdrawn, depressed. AFTER THE ALGAE: pleasant and more balanced in mood and attitude, happier, focused enough to complete his homework, no longer glued to the television. Two weeks into The Eat Algae Today Kit, Noah was teaching himself Spanish, participating in class, and getting "Excellent" and "Best in Class" appearing on his school papers!

T.J. preschool age, BEFORE THE ALGAE: was a mischievous but charming child, rambunctious, with a heart-stopping fearlessness. By school age, T.J. was turning into an aggressive and increasingly irritable, angry, and resentful son and brother. He was throwing temper tantrums and could not cope with his failure in school. AFTER THE ALGAE: T.J. became bright-eyed, cheerful, charming, and functional in school. ANGEL, age 2 BEFORE THE ALGAE: unreachable and un-responsive, distant and uncommunicative, vacant and listless... when she was not engaged in intense self-abuse in the form of hitting her chin and face. Her sleep was troubled, and she often screamed for no apparent reason. AFTER THE ALGAE: "Her improvement was astonishing!" She began to drop off to sleep quickly and ended her hours of agonizing screams! She began to reach out, smile, laugh, gurgle, hug, babble, and make eye contact!


JEFF, in the earlier grades, BEFORE THE ALGAE: a quiet baby turned into a stubborn, non-compliant, taciturn child. By the fourth grade, learning impairments were noted. By the fifth grade, Jeff shared suicidal thoughts with a friend; and then his extreme negativity and bouts of uncontrollable anger became obvious to all. After the algae: Jeff calmed down, focused better, stopped bickering, had more energy, smiled more often and reflected a lighter mood. Jeff also dropped his obsession on suicide. He began to sleep without chemical assistance, and experienced a "can do positivity." Jeff's mother reports: "Something had been absent from Jeff's diet for a long time!" The Algae, she thinks, has supplied that "SOMETHING."

ANOTHER NAMED "JEFF," age 9 BEFORE THE ALGAE: This Jeff had a temper-tantrum history of lying on the floor, kicking his feet, and screaming with rage. He exhibited a short attention span, inability to focus, and frustration with school work. He was assigned to a special classroom for learning challenged children. AFTER THE ALGAE: In time, Jeff began to calm down, became more compliant, and less willful. Within weeks, he began completing his school work and home chores, and read a book all on his own! Within 3 months, Jeff won his school math contest. He reports so many things are better!

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