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Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano Welcomes You to The...

Common Health Sense


"Even if you don't have years and years of college education behind you, I trust you will find our teachings fun and easy enough..."

Dr. V.V.Vetrano

material, such as our Common Health Sense, you will gain new insights and make more illuminating discoveries, become more committed and more inspired, all of which will bring you closer and closer to the fullest appreciation and the most complete practice of Superlative Health in your life and in the lives of your friends and family!

This magazine, Common Health Sense, is unique because it has only two women working hard, collaborating and cooperating with each other to bring you Pure Natural Hygiene sans compromise. Victoria BidWell's unsurpassable skill at teaching with "Hygiene Joy" makes learning the Principles of Natural Hygiene easy and fun, while I teach by providing you with intricate details to complete and support Natural Hygienic Principles and answer your questions like only a doctor of Pure Hygiene could. My specific details may be less readable than Victoria's more simple teachings at first; but if you persevere, you will be rewarded with ammunition to back up your practices. The precise details of my articles reinforce and fill in the more simple lessons of Victoria's opening pages to give you a greater depth of knowledge and understanding of Natural Hygiene, as well as proof that Natural Hygiene is the best and the most valid, scientific way to care for yourself in health and disease. Additionally, to facilitate and to help you along "The Hygiene Joy Way" to a greater knowledge of Pure Natural Hygiene, I have allowed Victoria to edit all of my articles so that they will be more easily understood not only by you, Dear Common Health Sense Subscribers, but by your friends and family members, and by Health Seekers who have never even heard of "Natural Hygiene" until the day this issue is put into their hands. In such cases, I had to edit her editing of my writings, just as we did in The Health Seekers' YearBook! I have even allowed her to interject "Victoria's Notes" from time to time, within the text of my articles, when she saw fit to add supporting comments so that you may get the best of both our minds working together. We hope you will find Common Health Sense thoroughly engrossing, enjoyable, enlightening, and readable! Even if you do not have years and years of college education behind you, I trust that you will find our teachings fun and easy enough for you, with your companion dictionary, to follow Victoria and me from beginning to end.

Let me further explain why it is so very important for you to learn about Natural Hygiene now. If the degeneration of our governmental policies continues in the tyrannical vein it is going, more and more of our Freedoms will be taken away! We barely have a choice of doctors now; and in the future, it may be even more

difficult to secure the kind of care we want. The possibility that our Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press may be pulled right out from under us makes it even more necessary to seriously study Natural Hygiene and collect Pure Natural Hygiene materials now. We may choose to take care of ourselves in Superlative Health now and in the future with Natural Hygiene measures, in which case, we will need no doctors, Hygienic or otherwise. Or we may face being forced to take the medicine man's conventional treatment later or to accept care from a type of practitioner whose methods we are totally against.

Because of encroaching and impending governmental suppression, it is even more urgent today than ever before to know how to take care of ourselves in both health and disease! We do not know what the new Medicare statutes will be. We do not know if we shall always be able to buy books such as Fasting Can Save Your Life at local health food stores. We do not even know, as we move into the next century, if we will be permitted to continue to print materials such as Common Health Sense! (For that very reason, Victoria has appropriately subtitled this publication "Natural Hygiene Contraband for The American Health Seeker!") From my scant reading, it looks as though you may not have a choice of alternative or "anti-conventional" physicians in the future. And if you do, you, as well as the alternative practitioner of your choice, may be fined or imprisoned for using anti-Establishment methods other than the standards set by the government. These are the many good reasons why you absolutely must learn how to care for your body... now! Today! So you will keep yourself healthy and need the physician only when and if you get in an accident or when and if you develop an irreversible, pathological condition, such as we describe in our opening teachings known as "The Seventh Stage of Disease." As an Hygienist who starts early enough, hopefully, this latter sad state of events will never befall you. If it does, you will know, at least, how best to arrest the condition.

I'm not implying that medical treatment is not called for in certain cases. In thousands of cases every year, medical care saves lives. Nevertheless, by adopting Natural Hygiene now, you, can avoid hazardous medications, iatrogenic diseases, allopathic pathology, and nosocomial diseases (diseases occurring in the hospital). Furthermore, by adopting Natural Hygiene, you won't be just merely sweeping symptoms under the rug, that is, you won't just be palliating or suppressing symptoms. No! By adopting Natural Hygiene, your own body will heal itself when you remove the causes of disease and you supply the conditions of health. Barring short-term, emergency,

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