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me 15 minutes to get HighJoy ready, to do something I could have done in 5, had I been fit and strong. I realized, as I memorized these Ephesians verses that if I were to prepare myself for Spiritual Warfare on a daily basis, with as much God-fearing concern, methodical concentration, and alert, awake, alive attention as I prepared HighJoy for a daily ride, I would "...be strong in The Lord and the power of His might." And the "fiery darts" and daily vicissitudes from lusts of the flesh, Satan, and the world would never combine to create nuclear warheads to do me in!

The Romans 6 (Sripture Pages #7, #8, and #9) offer you the many pieces of The Word of God on Spiritual Warfare and overcoming addictions of all sorts, not just for overcoming the overeating obsession. My understanding is that The Christian has enemies to his or her walk which fall into 3 categories: lust of the flesh, Satan and his demon activity, and "the world." Attempting to satisfy the flesh and its carnal lusts splits us away from God and pulls us into spiritual darkness: the more we satisfy the lust of the flesh whether it be for food, cigarettes, or for some other unwholesome substance, activity, emotion, or desire the more we lay ourselves open to and unwittingly invite demon activity into our lives. Strongholds are formed in this fashion. And when The Evil One gets a stronghold in our minds or emotions, the free will chooses in his favor; and in time, we can become tormented by these tainted, jaded forces. The third enemy, "the world," of course, is set up with unwholesomeness on virtually every street corner to invite us into Energy Robbing choices. For a person to walk righteously, therefore, it becomes supremely important to have a clean heart and a mind renewed with The Word of God. Free will choices will then be in favor of "the straight and narrow!" Surely, like most, I had my own demons to face Gluttony with Sloth are seen in any person who has gone over the hill with morbid obesity: the 2 work as a team.

The 5th visit to The Wilderness in December was centered around a 13 day visit from my sister Catherine, the only one of 4 sisters with whom I communicate. She had the very best time of her whole life! She lost 6 pounds in 13 days and gave her life to The Lord during a Bible Study Group I had been attending. We spent hours in the warm water as I taught her Scriptural basics. This is the sister from Fremont, California, who had the group homes, in one of which I headquartered GetWell for 4 years. Her Christian Science background and basically very sweet heart and pleasing disposition made it a joyful event for her to accept The Lord. She came up to Canada in the worst and most oppressive mess she had ever gotten herself into. And today, with her Giant Print Bible and Christian Family Radio at her fingertips and our long talks when I am at The Barn for 10 cents a minute, she is


making more righteous choices and growing stronger with each passing week. She has been saved!

By the end of December, I was clearly out of funds to remain in The Wilderness. With 50 pounds gone in 5 months, I weighed 220. How I longed to stay longer! Since November, I had kept being given the vision of staying for an even 100 pounds. But there was no money for such an extended stay. Funds were already becoming squeaky tight, as it was. If I were to stay longer, I would have to use Public Address System and Common Health Sense money. Then, on January 7th, and beginning my 6th visit to The Wilderness, a GetWell Friend with whom I had been talking on very deep, spiritual levels since August wired money enough to see me through at least 6 months more time enough to reach a healthy body size at the continued rate of 10 pounds of fat burned a month. The contribution, it was to be understood, came clearly from God and only through this individual. I could not express the gratitude and love I felt from this action at the time to this GetWell Friend, nor could I adequately do so now to you. But I will say that the strength and mightiness of this expression of God's love has empowered me with a hopeful, youthful, playful, delightful and magnified focus beyond what I dared hope for so soon in my preparations as a Health Patriot! With this generous contribution of love and support, my healing for my "fearfully and wonderfully made body" accelerated (Scripture Page #10 - 11 ). And I was led to The Word of God upon which we can call to claim our healing and back to The Lord's Prayer (Scripture Page #12).

In January, I began to pray directly for an inner healing of my past years and the scarred memories. And that opened my heart up to further LOVE and JOY and FAITH and even MORE JOY! Scripture Pages #13 - #16 all attest to The UP Healing Passages of Scripture.

I had never understood The Beatitudes like I do now. "Poor in spirit"? What was that all abou (Scripture Page #17)? I was always too prideful and arrogant to find being "poor in spirit" an attractive concept. Well, it's attractive to me now! The idea is expressed repeatedly on the MORE JOY following sheet: when we are "broken and poor," not puffed up with our successful pride of life... when we are down and out, not filled with a prospering self... when we are suffering and needy and call out in all sincerity for God to step in and hear a truly contrite spirit speak to Him, then He can be heard. That's how I first drove up to Canada, poor in spirit. And God is healing me. Then, consider the fourth Beatitude: what an eye-opener! I had been hungering and thirsting after the wrong things all my life! Even after I became a Christian, I fell into great darkness, in time. And I ate. I had been hungering and thirsting for the counterfeit food that never satisfied the soul! I had

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