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Thorough self-training brings poise. Poise gives possession of oneself. No man is poised who has not full control of himself.

Don't forget that the "dirt of the great unwashed" is trifling and insignificant compared with the filth evolved inside from sensual habits.

What is "disease"? "Perverted physiology" is the correct answer.

Any irregularity in a complicated machine means stop the machine and remove the cause. A human body is different: It is a machine that removes its own obstruction if given the opportunity. And all the opportunity it needs when obstruction comes, is to stop giving it new work until it has finished what it is presently doing.

Long life is given to the man and woman who know The Laws of Life and obey them!

Disease is the legitimate offspring of ignorance. And I want to go on record as saying: "Permanent health a health that can be relied upon to carry one through to a reasonable, old age, and save the aged from driveling senility cannot be procured from palliation doctors, nor from cures except cures that cure ignorance!

The slogans should be: "Get Busy with Right Living!" And "Make The Most of Every Day in Self-Building!"

There is no tonic, stimulant or builder of health, like a strong purpose!

When the world gets wise enough, it will compel its finishing schools to establish a health department where students

will be instructed in proper living.

Nothing frees the blood of disease-producing material so surely as pure air. People with logical reasoning power are their own physicians. That is, they are usually quick to sense the cause of their discomforts, and to act upon the knowledge at once, by shunning the cause.

Fasting is the only remedy in some cases that will permit the system to throw off disease and come to a physiological equilibrium, but it is a mistaken idea that fasting cures disease. The cure is to come after the fast, for the disease was brought on by wrong living, and fasting will not cure errors of life any more than any other so-called "cure."

Nature has wisely provided inlets to the body, and they are guarded on purpose to prevent the intrusion of enemies. When poisons enter the body the regular way, the system has an opportunity to defend itself. But when the hypodermic is used, the system has no possible show of fortifying itself against this outrage!

Health, education, and success are all made up of the thousands of daily opportunities that come to every one. The most important constituent in success is to get busy with the little opportunities. If we take care of the little ones, the big ones will take care of themselves.

Remember, all unkind remarks coming from jealousy, envy, spite, or misunderstandings are from a distressed stomach and liver. It is a case of: "From the fullness of the stomach, the mouth speaketh." A cranky stomach and liver usurp, for a time, the entire soul of man or woman, and their whole physiology is worsened.

There is no freedom for man anywhere


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