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on the face of the earth so long as he is a slave to ignorance and bad habits.

Reforming the other fellow is the conventional and orthodox way. But the new way is to reform yourself! Get so desperately in love with yourself that you won't mar yourself in body, mind, nor in the estimation of all true, intelligent men and women.

Every individual has a certain amount of resistance power to live. This may be conserved and used wisely or squandered and used selfishly.

The most profound bit of wisdom on earth, where one has it, has digested it, and it has become a part of him, is this fact: "Every effect has a cause!" Think about it!

The diseases of old age are not due to old age: they are due to wrong life.

The thorns that prick the mind and body are all on the road of ill health.

We say an individual has poise when his entire body is under the control of his mind. A well-poised individual has his emotions, appetites, and bodily movement under strict discipline.

A morbid mind, in time, will so reduce the physical resistance as to bring on any and all kinds of disease.

The man who worries, who thinks without effective results, exhausts his Nerve Energy more than by concentration. It is much like striking at an object and missing it: it injures the muscles more than when the blow lands.

There are two classes of people in this world. The first never sit on a red hot stove but once. The second sit on it all the time and spend their time seeking relief and speculating as to what is the

matter with them. In other words, some people learn from experience, others never do.

In all epidemics, The Reaper Death finds the majority of his victims self-prepared. There are those who live hap-hazardly, having never given a thought to right living. In fact, it is they who are ready to ignorantly ridicule those who live prudent lives.

When man is educated into personal cleanliness, it will not be very long until he will feel the importance of being clean on the inside of his body, as well as on the outside of it.

When people are well, they will not be sick.

The swapping of one bad habit for another will continue so long as disease is recognized as something else besides bad habits and wrong life.

A doctor who cures disease by fasting his patients, and then who cannot successfully instruct them how to live to prevent a return of their disease, belongs to the patent medicine class.

The best doctors do not talk: they simply radiate health!

The time for a cure is before a habit for palliation is formed.

Nearly every one is looking for happiness, but it will come only to those who know that the potency for happiness is within themselves, struggling to manifest.

Man's cures, like his daily bread, must be earned by the sweat of his brow; and if they are not, they become his bane.

We teach you to think in the language of health.


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