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Victoria BidWell
P.O. Box 558
Concrete, Washington, 98237
Phone: (360)-853-7048

GetWell pays the postage!

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These tapes are available only through GetWell StayWell, America!

Each of these first 6 tapes is 90 minutes.

101 Restoring Your Health through Natural Hygiene· This lecture is a fabulous overview of the role of Natural Hygiene's principles in the restoration and maintenance of health! Dr. Shelton answers the question: "How do we expect the sick to GetWell?" Basically, we depend on the healing bodily powers of self-restoration and self-repair. Hygienic self-care consists of removing the causes of disease The Energy Robbers and of supplying the causes of health The Energy Enhancers. Dr. Shelton clearly defines Natural Hygiene and reviews "The Energy Enhancers" as "The Primordial Requisites of Human Existence." He covers the ridiculousness of trying to GetWell without removing lifestyle, Energy Robbing causes! He points out the absolute fallaciousness of The Medical Mentality, immunizations, drugs, and surgery. He firmly reminds us that... "It takes time to GetWell!" And he declares that... "The future belongs to The Hygienists!" Listen to this lecture any time you even begin to fall off The Victory Wagon and lose sight of The Hygiene Joy Way!

102 The Hygiene Meaning of & Means to Natural Beauty·Dr. Shelton speaks on a topic of intimate interest to us all how to become "a natural beauty." He attacks the shallow, artificial model of conventional beauty that comes out of fashion magazines and beauty parlors and painted-up masks declaring that the mask of a made-up face is just a dirty face! He then goes


on to teach The Laws of Life The Energy Enhancers that result in vibrant, glowing health and real, natural beauty. He stresses the importance of moderation in The Ideal Diet and of reaching your ideal weight. He teaches that cosmetics ultimately damage and age the skin by clogging and poisoning it and that beauty begins in the kitchen with superior nutrition through correct food preparation and combinations. Here, Dr. Shelton teaches you how to minimize the lines and wrinkles of your face and how to get rid of that haggard look! The bottom line is that a beautiful body and a beautiful life are built in harmony with The Laws of Life! Natural Beauty is but a by-product of Truthful Living. That is The True, Hygienic Way of Life The True, Beautiful Way of Life. Be inspired to become "A Natural Beauty" with this tape!

103 How to GetWell in Just 2 Steps! · While The Medical Mentality tells you that you must learn to live with your diseases and vainly tries to treat symptoms while totally ignoring causes, Dr. Shelton focuses in, one-pointedly and powerfully, on The 2 Steps The Health Seeker must take to GetWell. Step #1 remove the lifestyle causes of impairment, that is, correct the mode of living so that functioning power (Nerve Energy) is restored and so that elimination of the accumulated toxins from the body is achieved. Step #2 supply the body with The Primordial Requisites of Life The 10 Energy Enhancers. Here is inspiration to get you to seek and then to remove causes by studying your entire life! In the Energy Robbing lifestyle are the causes that have lowered Nerve Energy to the point that function is impaired and elimination checked... so that there is a toxic build-up in the fluids and tissues. It is possible for us to live in such a way that we provide the conditions to build and maintain Superlative Health!

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