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The Hygienic System Volume IV Exercise Orthokinesiology

The Study of Correct Movement

By Dr. Herbert M. Shelton


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My Dearest GetWell Friends Dr. Shelton published a 7 - Volume Set entitled "The Hygienic System" throughout the 1930s and 1940s. The Volumes were presented in maroon, hardbound books. GetWell offers Volumes I and II only, now republished by The Florida People. Volume III, IV, V, VI, and VII are ready through The GetWellHStayWell, Ameria! Website. The original Volume IV has been photocopied in an enlarged print and bound in a 3-ring. It is 410 pages. You may now get your own copy from GetWell for $45.oo. The original version from which this photocopy is made was published in 1935, and the dozens of photographs included to both inspire and instruct are filled with the antique charm and vigor of healthy humans dressed in the garb of their youth. Dr. Shelton's teachings enliven your intellect with the desire to become active and strong and happy in that active strength!

Chapter Titles Follow:

1. The Greek Ideal

2. Physical Education in Schools

3. Gymnastics for Children

4. Play in Physical Education

5. Physical Education for Women

6. Athletics in Physical Education

7. Objections to Exercise

8. Physiology of Exercise

9. Philosophy of Exercise

10. Classification of Movements

11. Exercise Versus Work

12. Exercise and The Heart

13. Important Rules of Exercise

14. Developing The Body

15. Endurance

16. Strengthening Specific Regions of the Spinal Column

17. Weight Training

18. Training for Proper Posture

19. The Application of Gymnastics for The Sick

20. The Principles of Corrective Exercise



21. Deformities of the Neck & Shoulders

22. Deformities of the Chest

23. Deformities of the Spine

24. Correction of Hernia

25. Remedying Visceroptosis

26. Uterine Displacements

27. Varicose Veins

28. Bow Legs & Knock Knees

29. Rotations of the Feet

30. Flat Feet

31. Club Foot

32. Toe Deformities

33. Infantile Paralysis

34. The Athlete's Living

35. Weight Control

36. Remedying Social Evils through a Dedicated Exercise Program and Natural Living

37. Rational Asceticism

NOTE: The many yesteryear photos throughout the book add to the "rare and antique" flavor of this original reproduction!

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CHOICE #1: Victoria, please send me ____ copies of The Hygienic System, Volume IV, Exercise, Orthokinesiology by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton as described: enlarged print, photocopied, in a 3-ring notebook for $45.oo postpaid each.

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