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The Hygienic System Volume V Orthogenesis The Study of Corrective Sexual Life By Dr. Herbert M. Shelton


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Dearest GetWell Friends Dr. Shelton published a 7 - Volume Set entitled "The Hygienic System" throughout the 1930s and 1940s. The Volumes were presented in maroon, hardbound books and sold for about $9.oo each, in those "good, old days." GetWell offers Volumes I and II, now republished by The Florida People.Recently, Volumes III, IV, V, VI, and VII have recently been made available through The GetWellHStayWell, America! Website. The original Volume V has been photocopied in an enlarged print and bound in a 3-ring, SLANT-RING, 2 inch binder. It is 610 pages and $60.oo postpaid.

Chapter Titles Follow:

1. Gardenias & Sewer Rats

2. Reproduction

3. Virgin Births

4. Heredity

5. Food Is Master of Heredity

6. The Sexes

7. The Reproductive Apparatus

8. Anatomy & Physiology of Sex

9. The Internal Symbiosis of Sex

10. Care of the Sex Organs

11. Embryology

12. Sex Life in the World

13. The Sexual Life of Mammals

14. Pre-Adolescence &


15. The "Ruined" Woman

16. Consummation of Marriage

17. Intercourse before Marriage 18. Sexual Morality

19. The Art of Love

20. Frigidity

21. Impotency

22. Choosing & Holding a Mate

23. Love

24. Platonic Love

25. Passion

26. The Sexual Necessity Myth



27. Ascetic Denial of Sex

28. Chastity & the Fuller Life

29. Our False Double Standards

30. Sex Life of the Unmarried

31. Romantic Chastity

32. Sexual Excesses

33. Sublimation & Substitution

34. Courtship

35. Petting 36. Safe & Easy Childbirth

37. Birth Control

38. Sterility

39. Symbiosis of Sex

40. Marriage

41. Free Love

42. The Intimacy

43. Divorce

44. Jealousy

45. Illegitimate Children

46. Prostitution

47. Exploitation of Sex

48. Masturbation

49. Perversions

50. Sexual Diseases

51. Degeneracy

52. Sex Instruction

53. Sex & Length of Life

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CHOICE #1: Victoria, please send me ____ copies of The Hygienic System, Volume V, Orthogenesis The Study of Corrective Sexual Life by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton as described: enlarged print, photocopied, in a 3-ring, SLANT-RING notebook. After all Dr. Shelton has taught me through the years about health, I am wanting to study what he has to say about this "forbidden topic!" FULL RETAIL PRICE IS $60.oo.

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Victoria BidWell
P.O. Box 558
Concrete, Washington, 98237
Phone: (360)-853-7048
E-Mail: victoriabidwell@aol.com

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