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valuable reference material with kitchen tips and healthy, strong recipes all VEGAN and oil-free and sugar-free and dairy-free!

Eating in Eden · Hermine Freed · $20.oo · 240 pages · paperback · Straight from the kitchen of a celebrated gourmet cook, here are great recipes for Health Seekers who want to expand their cooking repertoire and give it some class!

Eco-Cuisine · Ron Pickarski · $17.oo · 278 pages · paperback · The VEGAN recipes present an ecological approach to gourmet, vegetarian cooking that seek a balance between personal and environmental nutrition.

Ecological Cooking: Recipes to Save the Planet · Joanne Stepaniak · $11.oo · 240 pages · paperback · This VEGAN recipe book nurtures our concern for the health of the planet, animals, and the people and also includes tips for feeding our pets.

Eva Batt's Vegan Cooking · $14.oo · 144 pages · paperback · This classic cookbook has something for everyone: family favorites, fruit and veggie dishes, delicious desserts, and festive classics.

Fabulous Beans · Barb Bloomfield · $10.oo · 143 pages · paperback · Work your way through over 100 recipes that make use of more than a dozen varieties of beans to create delicious, low-fat dishes!

Fat Free & Delicious · Robert Siegel · $18.oo · 266 pages · paperback · "The Healthy Gourmet" gives us 176 flavorful, fat-free, and ultra low-fat recipes.

Fat-Free & Easy · Jennifer Raymond · $10.oo · 152 pages · paperback · Fats in the diet are culprits to so many diseases it would take a big book to expose them all and explain their damage! For only $10.oo, here is a specialty book of quick and yummy recipes that are FAT-FREE and will help you avoid the long list of fat-induced, degenerative diseases!

The First Book of Vegetarian Cooking · Dionne Stevens · $17.oo · 459 pages · paperback · Here are more than 300 VEGAN recipes combining great taste and great nutrition!

Fresh from a Vegetarian Kitchen · Meredith McCarty · $17.oo · 248 pages · paperback · A


complete, VEGAN book for your kitchen! Here are 450 "fresh idea" recipes and 90 well-planned menus for everyday, festive, and ethnic, VEGAN meals.

Friendly Foods · Ron Pickarski · $17.oo · 58 large pages · paperback · The recipes are centered around "friendly foods," that is, foods that are nurturing to the body and not hazardous. 300 VEGAN recipes are offered.

Get the Fat Out · Victoria Moran · $9.oo · 185 pages · paperback · Here are 501 simple ways to reduce the fat in any diet with accompanying recipes for every meal.

Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure · Lorna Sass · $23.oo · 272 pages · hardcover · Get rid of the microwave and go back to the pressure cooker. This book dispels the myth of the difficult-to-use pressure cooker and promotes it as, in fact, easier, faster, and yielding more healthy dishes than the microwaved meals!

The Guilt-Free Gourmet · Vicki Griffin · $20.oo · 400 pages · paperback · EXCITOTOXINS, offered in the foregoing "BookList" Button, teaches us about the poisons in America's food supply that excite the nervous system and do damage throughout the body. This UNIQUE recipe books is now promoted as virtually the only excitotoxin-free, VEGAN cookbooks in print.

Healthy Food Choices · Leona Alderson · $15.oo · 238 pages · paperback · Here is a VEGAN recipe book that also includes comparison charts showing advantages of using plant products in preference to animal products.

The Hemp Cookbook · Todd Dalotto · $15.oo · 184 pages · paperback · Here is a titillating smorgasbord of VEGAN recipes featuring the unique, nutritional advantages of the newly acclaimed hempseed!

I Can't Believe It's Not Meat! · Direct Harvest · $10.oo · 128 pages · paperback · As the title implies, the recipes mock meat recipes to the point that the dishes are indistinguishable from the animal flesh Ex-Meat Lovers used to crave! Here is a meat-mocking and tasty assortment of recipes using texturized soy protein instead of meat. This


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